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Mediton GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Scanvest Deutschland GmbH and thus part of the Scanvest Group.

Mediton offers product solutions for communication technology tasks that are becoming more and more a part of the IT infrastructure of companies.

Differentiation to Scanvest Deutschland GmbH, which has been active in the German market since 1963:

Mediton is a provider of product solutions - the product business is horizontally oriented. Other system houses are also supplied with our products. Our devices are used in all conceivable applications in conjunction with iPBX systems.

Scanvest is a system solutions provider - the system business is vertically oriented. Scanvest deals with the requirements of the users from the respective industry segment in detail (in depth). Scanvest can thus optimally support its installation partner or system vendor, which obtains the system solution from Scanvest, in order to then install it with its user (indirect sales concept).

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