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In our portfolio you will find a variety of SIP speakers for outdoor and indoor use. These are characterized by very simple installation and flexible application area, including wall, ceiling and pole mounting. Similarly, network configuration and performance is the latest in the art. The SIP technology in our loudspeakers has been successful for many years in thousands of reference projects in various "designs" or "housing shapes" in operation. Let us convince you of our data sheets and products.

Our SIP speakers are compatible and / or certified for systems by:


There are innumerable applications for the topic of "sound reinforcement in buildings and areas" in order to provide people with clearly understandable information or instructions in audiotechnical terms.

Usually, amplifier-based PA systems or PA systems based on central 100V technology are used for this purpose.

With the advent of "structured cabling" and IP technology in building services, alternative concepts for sound reinforcement are now possible.

The use of "single-addressable" and fully monitored SIP loudspeakers makes it possible to regulate individual loudspeakers in terms of volume and, for example, to address them directly via the IP telephone system.

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